Women who bring suits against police forces and are vengefully rearrested.

Etsuko Yamada. (Japan) Arrested 1978. Charged with murder of a child at an institution for the mentally retarded. Never Convicted. Trial lasted 22 years. Exonerated in 2000

Laurie Bembenek (Wisconsin) Charged with murdering her husband's ex-wife. Convicted 1982. Escaped from prison 1990. Released on plea bargain in 1992. Died in 2010

Minako Ohkoshi (Japan). Arrested in 2000. Charged with murdering a female colleague. Arrested in 2000. Convicted in 2003, sentenced to 16 years. Currently incarcerated.

Tiawanda Moore. (Illinois) Arrested 2011. Charged with recording a police investigation. Found not guilty 2011