Plea Bargains Refused

Refusal of a plea bargain is a strong indication of a defendant's innocence. We list a few cases of such defendants below. Please help us increase the list.

(The information below is also viewable in chart form)

Chart Women and Plea Bargains


Current Status: Executed

Ethel Rosenberg (New York 1952). Refused to testify against her husband in exchange for a sentence of life imprisonment. Executed in 1953.

Current Status: Incarcerated.

Jennifer L. Deleon, (Florida 2007): 26, a mother of two, turned down prosecutors' offer of immunity in exchange for testifying against her then husband, Skylar Deleon. Sentenced to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment.
Karlyn Eklof (Oregon 1996) mother of three, refused a plea bargain of ten years (out in eight years for good behavior), and went to trial. Prosecution asked for death. Sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for one murder.
Tammy Traxtle (Oregon 1996) mother of three, refused an 18 month plea bargain to testify against her brother. She was charged with murder and sentenced to 25 years to life.

Current Status: Released.

Marissa Alexander (FL May 2012). Alexander fired a warning shot at her abusive husband 9 days after giving birth. She was offered a plea of 3 years vs. 20. She went to court and was convicted. Released in November, 2013, she will be retried in 2014.
Sandra Lockett (Ohio 1975) : refused a three year plea bargain. Sentenced to death. Sentence was overturned in 1978.

Patsy Kelly Jarret (North Carolina) refused a plea bargain, went to trial and was sentenced to life without parole. Her sentence was commuted and she has been released.