Women who have been vengefully arrested for bringing suits against the police

Mina Ohkoshi
The Eniwa Case

Mina was harshly interrogated for the murder of a female colleague in 2000. Male police officers told the then 32 year old that she was tiny, ugly, would never get married, and had better confess to the murder. She passed out and was taken to a psychiatric hospital. While hospitalized, she brought a suit against the police, and was arrested for murder the moment she was discharged. In Japan this is called the Eniwa case, Eniwa is the city where the body was found.

Below are four cases of women who were vengefully arrested for bringing suits against police. Three of the cases are discussed in (my) Michael Fox's paper
Accusing the Accuser: Police Malfeasance, Women Plaintiffs, and Vengeful Arrests.

Etsuko Yamada. (Japan) Arrested 1978. Charged with murder of a child at an institution for the mentally retarded. Never Convicted. Trial lasted 22 years. Exonerated in 2000

Laurie Bembenek (Wisconsin) Charged with murdering her husband's ex-wife. Convicted 1982. Escaped from prison 1990. Released on plea bargain in 1992. Died in 2010

Minako Ohkoshi (Japan). Arrested in 2000. Charged with murdering a female colleague. Arrested in 2000. Convicted in 2003, sentenced to 16 years. Currently incarcerated.

Tiawanda Moore. (Illinois) Arrested 2011. Charged with recording a police investigation. Found not guilty 2011


Fox Eniwa

Here I (Michael Fox) am with another activist leafletting about Minako's case on the streets of Sapporo. The vest says, "Eniwa Wrongful Arrest Case: Tokyo Support Group." I am not including this for any vain reason, but to strongly show that the facts of this case drove many concerned activists to fly up to the northern island of Hokkaido and reserve hotel rooms at our own expense, as well as rent a sound truck.

The reactions from locals to a fairly tall, mustached foreigner handing out leaflets and asking for support in Japanese were quite interesting, to say the least. For the record, "We ask for your support in aiding a wrongful arrest case" in Japanese is "Enzai jiken wo shien suru koto yoroshiku onegai shimasu."