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Renowned journalist Michael Albert of
Znet asks, Why is a women’s criminal justice network being run by a man?

Michael Albert

Michael Fox responds:

Dear Mr. Albert,

First let me express gratitude for publishing my article "
Failure to Protect: Criminalizing Mothers for Male Child Abuse." I was unable to get it published anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. Without websites like Znet, we would all be brainwashed on the intellectual drivel broadcast by the mass media.

In response to your question: my first foray into the criminal justice system was through a woman who had been wrongfully accused in Japan.
Etsuko Yamada had already been fighting in the courts for 20 years when I first met her in 1994. I spent six years assisting her support team until she was completely exonerated.

Shortly before her exoneration, another wrongfully convicted woman surfaced in the Japanese media,
Minako Ohkoshi. Many of the activists who supported Etsuko Yamada started a support association for Ohkoshi, who still is incarcerated and fighting to prove here innocence.

Soon afterward I was asked to assist in the case of yet another couple in Japan who were wrongfully charged with arson, murder and insurance fraud.
The Higashi-Sumiyoshi Case was granted retrial status in March of 2012. Still incarcerated, we are hopeful they will be paroled and exonerated someday.

In 2007, I read an article about
Karlyn Eklof, wrongfully convicted of murder in Oregon. I began to correspond and visit Karlyn, and then created a website entitled "Free Karlyn Eklof."

In 2009, I became interested in the case of Arizona death penalty inmate
Debra Milke. Her trial for child murder seemed a carbon copy of the case of Etsuko Yamada (mentioned above). I became fascinated in the parallels of separate cases in two separate cultures.

With women and innocence entering the forefront of the criminal justice arena, the first conference on Women and Innocence was held in Michigan in 2010. Having collected so much information on wrongfully convicted women in Japan and the USA, "Free Karlyn Eklof" was transformed into the Worldwide Women's Criminal Justice Network in time to promote the Women and Innocence Conference.

Well, I hope that answers the question. Another question might be, why are you, an American in charge of the
Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Information Center? And why do you have yet another website, Network for Innocent Arson Defendants? Isn't one enough work? Are you some kind of maniac?

The answer to the last question is sadly: yes. And I need help. 12 Step Programs are far too complicated for my ilk. And if you or anyone has advice to help this angry and tired man regain his sanity…..

Stay the Path,